Mason Balbo Co-Author “Date Night With Mom”

“Date Night With Mom” is a children’s book targeted to ages 4-6 years old.

Co-authored by a 7-year old boy and his mom, this simple story about an evening of adventure and conversation comes with a powerful lesson! Spending quality time with our children doesn’t need to involve pricey or planned events.  It can be a simple walk around your town, playing video games and eating chicken wings.

Illustrations feature landmarks in downtown Huntsville-home of the authors. However, this story could have been set in any town. Taking the time and walking around the community you dwell in.  Taking in all the beauty and history is highly encouraged. Sometimes we get so busy caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle that we forget the gem we have in our backyard. The author’s deceased father used to always tell her to make sure to visit her own community.  A suggestion Maryann has taken to heart and shares with her children.

Media coverage includes a story on WHNT-TV and a story in the Madison Record Newspaper.  

The co-authors have spoken to over 500 students sharing their story of authoring a book.  The questions and comments are very encouraging as young authors explore the manner that they too can be an author.  When speaking at a pep-rally, students were asked to raise their hands if they ever thought about being an author.  About half raised their hands.  When asked the big question…how many of you think you can be an author.  The co-authors encouraged everyone to raise their hand.  It was a powerful moment.

This book is a story about spending quality time together.  Mason, 7 years old at the time, wrote the story about the evening because it had such an impact on him.  As a busy working mother, Maryann would spend time with him but with her phone in her hand not really engaged. This was a big wake up call for her.  We can’t always put business on hold, but when she schedules a time for quality time…she commits to the occasion. The initial goal to share their story was to encourage parents to put down their phones and schedule a date with their children.  Nothing fancy…just quality time.

They had no idea what an impact the book would be to encourage reading and writing among our youth!  It has grown to being an encouragement tool for young authors to pursue their dream of writing a book.  And, parents. the amount of adults who have shared how much they love the idea of authoring with their children, even if they don’t formally publish a book, has been overwhelming. Just the time to use their imagination spend quality time together.  Or, that they have already started a book or YouTube Channel and that “Date Night With Mom” showed them that normal folks like Maryann and Mason can have success.  They can too!  It’s all about commitment.

It’s a beautiful and positive outcome…and, we need more of this in our world nowadays.


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