Date Night With Mom-pinch me!

Hello everyone!  Hard to believe that “Date Night With Mom” is now a reality.  My son and I have worked on this project of love for over 18 months.  It was his dream, vision and encouragement…that kept me focused on seeing this project to fruition.

The story is familiar. Working mom trying to balance my career, two children and a household.  Something gives sometimes.  It’s just reality.  One evening when picking up my son from school, I recognized the distance that had been growing between us.  Still a polite and caring child…he seemed disconnected to me.  I would ask the same questions…how was school? Good day?  He would give me the same answers…good, yep.

I don’t know what provoked me but I decided everything else could wait and in an instant announced to him we were going “on a date.” I had no plans…I just started driving.  I could feel his excitement of breaking the pattern of our daily schedule and having some fun.  Homework could wait.  Hubby and daughter would do fine without us for a short time. My workout could be rescheduled. My phone needed to go in silent mode.  We just needed some time…for us!

I know I am not alone.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed with it all.  But, what keeps me trying is the realization that I’m not in it alone.  I love my family.  My work. My life.  It truly is everything I have ever dreamed about. It’s all worth fighting for.  And, sometimes we all just have to prioritize.  This book is based on prioritizing my son for 90 minutes one spring evening.  And, the impact it made on us that night and today.

I hope you enjoy our simple but powerful story.

Maryann and Mason

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