Local Child Author in Huntsville, AL

There are so many things I love about “Date Night With Mom.” One of the many is the setting. Huntsville, Alabama has got to be one of the most lovely places I have ever lived.

It has a “small town feel” with a larger cities culture and vibe.  Here, I am surrounded by some of the smartest people in the world! We have astronauts and rocket scientists walking around our town! And, the art and music scene is tremendously talented! We also have some of the kindest folk walking on the planet here in northern Alabama.  We have lived here almost three years, and have made lifetime friends.

The “Rocket City”, is named for its close history with U.S. space missions developing space technology since the 1950’s. Working on the SLS Rocket, they will be instrumental on the journey to Mars! Technology, space and defense industries have a major presence with The Redstone Arsenal, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, The Space and Rocket Center and Cummings Research Park.

But, most importantly it’s the people. A combination of transplants and natives, this community is extremely progressive, welcoming and a genuinely nice place to raise a family.

When I picked Mason up from Holy Spirit Regional School-where at the time he was in 1st grade-we knew our date night had one destination… downtown Huntsville.  I knew there would be something going on-it was a Thursday after all.  In this community there is always something fun, interesting, thought-provoking and rich in culture to attend. They happen to be having their weekly farmers market-Greene Street Market-which included fresh food, live music and entertainment.  We then stumbled into the local Harrison Brothers Hardware Store and met some local authors conducting book signings including the late Ann Piraino (author of Pickles and Popcorn) and Wil Elrick (local historian, author of many books and husband to local columnist).  Walking around the square, we admired the tall buildings and topography.  Then, we made our way into the UG White Building and took the elevator to Pints and Pixels.  There, we played video games and ate chicken wings.

We are very proud of our book and our community.  For Mason to be a local child author and the setting be this local community…it’s pretty special.  Just like Huntsville, Alabama!


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