Media coverage is welcome! But, not because of what you may think~

WHNT-TV media coverage shot at Mason’s school.

I work in the media so I completely understand the power of positive media coverage. In this case, it makes me even more proud and fulfilled.  For one reason only…and, it’s not ego or to sell books.  But, instead it’s because we are sharing our story about the importance of spending quality time with our children.  So many of us feel the struggle of trying to balance work and parenthood.  I personally have felt the guilt when I have had to miss events, travel or lock myself in my car to make an important call.

What I have learned from my children seems to be more than I have taught them.  What they really want is my quality time.  If I can carve out a short amount of time to just be with them, it makes an immediate impression on them.  They tend to lean on those moments when my work takes the turn of requiring prioritization.  It’s those quality times that build memories. And, when I am with them…I am mom.  When I am at work…I am an employee.

I have had many parents share with me that after reading the story, their children asked them on a date.  This makes my heart warm!

If media coverage of our book encourages other parents to ease their self-inflicted guilt and focus on the times they are there vs not…then, I am one happy mother, employee and author.

Sharing our media coverage so far.

WHNT-19 story…click here

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