How was your day? Fine.

Sound familiar?

“How was your day?” is probably the most frequently used question asked on a daily basis.   Behind…”How are you?”  Both usually get the same response…”fine”  or “good.”

What does that mean? It means there was no real information shared and no engagement.

I was educated in the media business and was taught early on…open ended questions are the way to get people talking. I am sharing this awesome resource from my daughter’s school, Country Day School. It looks like there is a full list from the website listed below. (I have no affiliation with that site or it’s content.)

I really love these questions to ask your child after their day of school to really provoke conversation.  I have included my version in “Date Night With Mom” but wanted to share this list also.  Mine are located in the back of the book.  Just remember, if they can answer yes or no…it’s the not a good question to engage your child…or anyone!

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